“Many times I’ve turned to Clint Bracknell – nganang moyer – to help me sing, find some words or just fix something broken. Of late, I turn that way and there’s like two earthy angels – koodjal koort moorditj warangkiny waalbrininy, nitja kitj wer kerli – ready to lift me up. Inspiration.”

– Professor Kim Scott
(multi-award winning author)


“When I think of Clint and Kylie I think of strength of spirit, language, song and culture. I’ve witnessed first hand the magic of their shared creativity. The way they compliment each other is something to behold. Individually they’re strong, but together even stronger. They inspire me. And I look forward to the wonderful work they create in the future.

Darryl Bellotti
(graphic designer & illustrator, lecturer and youth worker)