News (Articles)


The Australian article by Victoria Laurie (Senior Reporter)
(Posted online Sunday, February 02 2020)
Macbeth, under native title: Hecate comes to the Perth Festival

The Monthly article by Steve Dow
(Posted Saturday, January 30 2020)
‘Hecate’: honouring two storytelling traditions

ABC article by Rebecca Turner
(Posted Saturday, January 25 2020)
Noongar language reborn in Hecate, an Aboriginal translation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth at Perth Festival

ABC Radio National interview by Daniel Browning on AWAYE!
(Broadcast  Saturday, January 25 2020)
Macbeth reimagined in the Noongar language

LIMELIGHT article by Justine Nguyen 
(Posted Thursday, January 23 2020)

POST Newspapers article by Sarah McNeill 
(Posted Saturday, January 18 2020)
Macbeth’s spirit springs from Noongar

THE WEST AUSTRALIAN article by Kate Emery 
(Posted Saturday, January 11 2020)
Play’s the thing to save a language